We help students Learning how to build Savings, manage debt and maximize Investment which is an important part of financial empowerment. Our guides and tools help them choose which savings and investment plans are right for them, boost their credit score and take charge of your debt.

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Partner Schools



How It Works

  • Schools

    We partner with schools across the country to enable parents of bright and needy students to easily access School fee Credit using mobile phone

  • Processing

    Qualified Parents Process school fees Credit easily using any mobile phone anywhere,anytime by dialing our USSD code

  • Disbursement

    Funds are directly and instantly transferred to the school bank account while both the school and parent receive bank SMS transaction notification

Money is Transferred to the school bank account instantly and both the parent and School receives Payment notification from the Bank.

From the money you need today to the money you’re saving for tomorrow and beyond, Mobishule is your smart money manager, built to help you make the most of it after your school.

Save and spend with confidence.

Mobishule is a Students Savings management suite that helps them make the most of their everyday money while in School.

Invest smarter for a comfortable tomorrow.

Since 2018, we’ve worked to make Students’ Savings more efficient and accessible using technology and AI‐backed research.

Build a secure future with a Savings plan.

No matter your age or situation, we can help you build a plan for life after School. We’ll help you determine how much to save and automatically invest your contributions.

A Savings plan tailored to you

0.25% annual fee and no minimum balance

Mobishule takes convenience to the next level and promises to address Students’ Savings challenges anywhere, anytime.